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Privacy Policy

  This site attaches great importance to user privacy and personal information protection. During your use of this site, this site may collect or use your relevant information. Here, we will explain to you how this site collects, uses, saves, shares and transfers this information.

What information is collected and why

  Relevant information includes network identification information (browser UA, IP address), geographic location information (country or region), personal website

  When you visit, your personal information will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Iconfont CDN will collect your visit information
  • JSDelivr will collect your visit information
  • Google Analytics will collect your visit information
  • Umami will collect your visit information**
  • Disqus will collect your visit information and comment content**
  • Busuanzi(page statistics)will collect your visit information

  This site only uses your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Malicious access identification and attack investigation, used to maintain the website
  • Monitoring of website clicks to optimize website content
  • Display of browsing access data

Usage of cookies and LocalStorage

  This website provides dark mode switching option and agree to use cookie memory. In addition, the PWA function will cache the pages and pictures of this site on the device to improve UX. Feel free to delete all these cookies and LocalStorage data.


  By using this site, you agree with to the above content. Due to various circumstances, this page may be partially modified or added to at any time. Please note that if you continue to use this site after updating the content of this page, it is deemed that you have known and approved the updated content.

However, if there is a very important change, this site will clearly indicate that the terms of use have been updated on the home page.