Sebastien Vermeille

Job: Software Engineer/Architect


Release Engineer
SonarSource 2023.02 - today

Software Architect, JAVA Developer
GEOSATIS SA 2017.08 - 2023.02
Promoted architect and mandated to design with helps of other architects and engineers the new major release of an IoT platform for human electronic monitoring. The main concerns were for it to be totally trustable (no loss of information), scalable with high availability in mind and written with quality code practices since the first day. This is where KAFKA came as a central source of trust. Activities: • Design & Architecture • Implement ecosystem around KAFKA as a set of standalone components resilient and scalable. Methods & Technology: • API Driven development (OAS) & SCRUM • Java15, Akka, Spring, KAFKA, Kafka Stream, JPA, hibernate • PostgreSQL (GIS), REDIS • Websocket (STOMP), Angular, RxJs, Typescript

Techs: Java17, Akka, Spring, KAFKA, Kafka Stream, JPA, hibernate, PostgreSQL (GIS), REDIS, Websocket (STOMP), Angular, RxJs, Typescript

Senior JAVA Software Engineer
GEOSATIS SA 2017.06 - 2017.08
Maintain existing platform and develop new features. Activities: • Stabilize product introducing quality concepts • Incremental versioning of the database (flyway) • Unit tests (jUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, testcontainers) • SonarQube analysis • CI (bamboo, Jenkins) • Release automation • Code review and pull requests • Clean code, ...

Award of HEG-ARC Neuchatel University : Best note of the Bachelor thesis promotion (6/6), 2013
2019Certified Jenkins Engineer
2016App Design and Development for iOS (University of Toronto)
2016Certified HTML5/CSS Developer
2015JAVA8 OCA (Oracle Certified Associate)