About me

Developer Advocate, enthusiast attracted by Clean Code concepts and keeping code enjoyable to work with (aka maintainable).


I consider myself as a language agnostic programmer beside the fact that I mostly use to program in JAVA. It’s just a syntax after all. The most important concepts are valid for all languages, what is required is the “Programmer spirit”.

Here is a subset of languages I’ve ever used:

  • PHP (The first programming language I learned! if we exclude HTML/CSS)
  • JVM languages (JAVA, Kotlin, Scala)
  • C# (Unity)
  • Pascal/Delphi
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Python/Ruby (I usually get something working when I need to use them but I am certainly not an expert there :)
OSS supporter

As developer, I used to consume open source software (in professional life but also for private side projects). No doubt about the amazing job that these people do (biggup to them btw).

Since a few years now, I also try to contribute to the open source software community. I am surely not maintainer of huge projects such as Linux Kernel but still I try to share what I can with others at my humble level also via this blog :)

If you are interested in my open sources contributions you can have a look at my open source projects or my contributions on Github directly.